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Directors of Mutendi Montessori Day School's Welcome,

Welcome to the Mutendi Montessori Day School website!  We are thrilled that you have chosen to learn more about our school and hope that you enjoy exploring what is contained within these pages. We are proud to be an independent educational institution offering your family Toddler (3years) through to Primary school (12years) Education. 

When you choose MMDS you choose an extraordinary experience for your children and your family.  At our school we believe in the happiness advantage and that being happy and optimistic has a great deal to do with success.  Research shows that cultivating positive brains make us more motivated, efficient, resilient, creative, and productive which drives performance upward. 

Our curriculum is grounded in Montessori philosophy but our program includes so much more.  MMDS parents know first-hand how our educational approach supports and nurtures a child’s development in all areas: physical, intellectual, language, and social-emotional. 

The foundation of Montessori education was built upon empirically developed theories about the optimal learning environments for children. Maria Montessori's work resonates with many of the topics discussed in the broader educational community today including: motivation, executive functioning, brain development, character education, and grit. Pair that with the dynamic experience of MMDS staff as well as the best thinking in education, and you have a winning approach that will keep your children engaged, excited about learning, and always reaching for their full potential.

If what you see and read here intrigues you then we invite you to come visit and learn first hand just what makes MMDS a remarkable place.  We look forward to welcoming you!

Warm Regards,


Daniel Mutendi and Tsitsi Mutendi

Directors of Mutendi Montessori Day School

Our Philosophy

‘help me to learn to think by myself!’ The aim of Montessori education is to foster competent, responsible, contributing and flexible citizens who are lifelong learners. At the Primary age, children are specifically sensitive to the acquisition of knowledge and are very interested in the world at large. 

Intergrated Learning

Due to the multi-age range, children do not see each other as competition but as supporters and team members, thus simulating the real world and creating the skills necessary in the future work place. Working in mixed aged groups, a healthy work attitude is established as the  students adapt to the culture of effort they observe from the returning students. 

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