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Timeless Teachings in a Changing World
Individualised Education

Because we are all different, human kind needs to learn an array of skills so that he/she in the future can live, work with and respect all these differences. Practising this from very young onwards helps the child in building an open mind that is flexible and adaptable.

The Montessori classroom gives many opportunities to each child to develop into the one he is originally meant to be and simultaneously work on developing a large set of personal and interpersonal skills. The teachers work ‘in between’ the children, thereby knowing the curriculum by heart and simultaneously have a deep understanding of the strengths and challenges of each child. They can then adapt planning, presentations, curriculum and lessons to the individual needs of each child at all times. This does not mean ‘giving the child what he/she wants’, it is giving what the child developmentally needs in such a way that harmonious growth takes place.

The teachers offer a variety of activities, materials and knowledge to small groups of children, thus making sure that an array of work is happening at the same time. This stimulates children’s interest and motivation enormously, as they see what other activities they can do and learn.

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