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Mutendi-Montessori-Dance Class



Mutendi-Montessori STEAM
Young Explorers

We encourage our children to learn about the world around them by taking them to places of historical, geographical, Intellectual interest. Every term has at least 2 school trips to places of interest. 

Parent Participation
Parent Participation

Parents, students, friends, and neighbors are often invited to many of our school events. Please keep an eye on this page for updates. The upcoming events are open to our community to attend and we hope you will join us!

Mutendi-Montessori Piano Class
Music & Musical Instruments

The school offers a unique opportunity to the children in that every child can learn to play an instrument. Specialist teachers offering violin, piano or guitar collect the children from the classroom at a time when it does not interfere with a presentation from the classroom teachers, thus fitting naturally within the daily structure. These instrument sessions are included in the school fees and the children receive individual or groups lessons depending on their age, instrument and music studied. The music can be heard all week including the lunch breaks!

Mutendi-Montessori Projects
Visual Arts

Visual arts starts with art and crafts in the Toddler Community. Children learn different techniques and make objects related to their themes such as making maquettes of the Wall of China, the Taj Mahal in India or closer to home. They also paint, colour, draw and paste as part of their daily work cycle. Children are exposed to work of different artists, styles and cultural art forms. Activities are set up in the classrooms in such a way that the children can try it out themselves.

Kids on Stage
Performing Arts


Our students make yearly theatre productions. These productions are completely unique and original and often related topic of study. The entire production is created in collaboration with classroom teachers, students and music teachers. They write the script, practice songs, arrange music, create props, costumes and much more! Regularly some parents also share their skills and help making props or costumes. These events are so interesting and stimulating that the children and teachers like to perform several times. 

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