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Delving into Education: The world around me…

By Tsitsi Mutendi

Starting this blog was a decision to share the thoughts and the processes that I am going through on my journey in the educational sector in Africa. While population growth slows in the rest of the world, it continues to rise in Africa. Now home to 1.2 billion (up from just 477 million in 1980), as projected by the United Nations Population Division. Africa has the youngest population on earth and it is set to become one of the biggest workforces in the world by 2050. Of the 2.37 billion increase in population expected worldwide by 2050, Africa alone will contribute 54%. With 1 million people turning 18 on a daily basis this is a staggering reality.

In many media and by African themselves we have seen the not so progressive images of Africa and on many occasions the negative portrayal has left us feeling despondent and hopeless. As an African living in Africa, I have travelled to a few countries on the continent (but not nearly enough) and I have seen great potential. I have met fellow Africans online and off-line and the discussions I have had have made me optimistic and hopeful that one day Africa will rise to become a dominant force that will be the centre of decision making on the global stage. For too long has the continent been ok with playing the poor cousin, yet it is the richest cousin by far. But we have to be honest with ourselves as Africans. The reason we are treated the way we are is the fact that we have allowed it. We may have broken the shackles of slavery and colonialism in many ways but the most fundamental. The most fundamental way we can ensure the turn around of the continent’s identity is through the young population. Our youth is our future, they are our voice and they will define what will happen in that future. The best gift we can give them is the gift of knowledge.

Knowledge not only of our past as a continent but the knowledge that will allow them to pick up the tools to discover the continent and create new frontiers that will make our continent the primary resource for global development. This all begins where the root of all knowledge is acummilated, and that is our Education system. In my next post I will be exploring the origin of the African Educational systems past and present and the possibilities of the future of African Education. Do you know what Education system you use in your country? Do you know what the origins of this system is? Is this system relevant to the advancement of your community or country? How far did you go in Education?

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