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As parents, many times we do not want our children to face painful or conflicting situations, for fear that they will feel suffering. However, we cannot always protect our children from problematic situations; many parents, by avoiding this type of situation, what they do is that they become overprotective. The only thing that leads to this behavior over time is that children develop fears and insecurities in the development of their personality and generate unhealthy attachments, so in this article, we will talk about how to raise independent children and we will give you some advice.

We often think that because our children are young, they cannot do many tasks by themselves and we try to do them for them. No person is born learned, and for them to learn they have to put their skills into practice. If you give him a task and he doesn’t do it right the first time, encourage him to try as many times as necessary; Finally, that is what it is about learning, making mistakes, correcting and trying again, and constantly motivating them will make them independent children.

For example a baby, we can let try to eat by himself, he will surely get dirty, he will not know how to hold a spoon, and he will throw a lot of food on the floor; but the message that you will transmit to him is that you trust him and that he has the skills to manage to eat himself. This will foster his self-confidence, making him an autonomous and responsible child; it will encourage him to want to do more tasks himself.


Being independent children means them to be able to carry out activities in their daily lives, in a natural and daily way, but this does not imply great effort. This is achieved by encouraging basic activities in children, such as tidying up their room, picking up their plates, and brushing their teeth without having to tell them, among others. Children must internalize that at some point they will be responsible for their own lives; these small acts will help them know how to act in certain situations that they must deal with on their own.

As parents, we must know that a child who grows up with autonomy and responsibility, in the future will be a child who enjoys emotional stability. This will give you the maturity to face all the situations that life provides you.

All human beings must acquire responsibility from childhood, and at this point, the family plays a determining role. The learning models that are established in the child, and the abilities and skills for life that he will develop will depend on them.

It is important to mention that fostering independent children does not mean not paying attention to them, in the end, you are the parent and you will always be their role model. In addition to your unconditional love and support, it’s about not giving excessive attention; let as he grows, he can solve situations and carry out tasks that you designate for him.


As we already said, one of the most important aspects to foster autonomy in our children is to teach responsibility; I am not only talking about performing duties and tasks but also being responsible for their actions, whether positive or negative.

For this reason, we must allow our little ones to solve certain problems by themselves. They may not know how to solve them, but this will help them test all their resources; they will understand that if they make a mistake, it is not bad, it is to see where the error was and see how it is corrected. As a parent, you can offer your help, but let him try it himself first, this will help raise independent children.

It is also necessary to instill family values ​​in them, they must know that effort, dedication, and discipline are important; they must know that everything is achieved by working and that therefore you have to value everything you give them.

It Is relevant to know that to foster independence in your child, you should not pretend to live life for him; avoiding suffering does not mean that he will never have it, it is important that he learn by himself. So do not avoid conflict situations, rather speak to him from your experience and advise him, it will serve as a guide to know how to act.

So being independent children means carrying out daily tasks without any kind of effort, but rather spontaneously; assuming the consequences of positive and negative acts and value efforts.


Today many parents want to have independent children; but without realizing it, they become overprotective. For this reason, here we will give you 5 tips so that you know how to promote independence in your child.

Promote responsibility and values

It is important that your child knows what his daily tasks are; that he feels that he can do them naturally and that if you have designated them, it is because you trust him and his abilities; since it is important that we all take charge of the situations that concern us.

Also valuing the efforts will help your child with his independence; he will understand that everything in life can be achieved, but for that, you have to work and fight for what you want. So don’t give him everything he asks for, because in the end, he won’t end up giving value to anything.

Teach them to resolve their conflicts

As parents, we often underestimate our children’s capabilities and it is for this reason that we try to solve everything for them; because we believe that because they are small they cannot achieve it. But have you ever observed when you don’t go to his call, how he uses his imagination and manages to solve the situation by himself; although not in all cases?

Letting them try to solve their conflicts does not mean that you leave them alone; it is simply that you move away a little and see how he solves his problem. If you really see that he can’t do it, come closer and help him to see what the options are to solve it, this will make them independent children, with a lot of patience, without reaching a tantrum.

Take their opinion into account

It is important that from a young age we encourage critical thinking in our children; For example, if we are planning a trip, let’s ask him what he would like more: going to the pool or the sea. Also ask him how he wants to dress, and what his favorite hairstyle is… try not to force him to do things, this can be worse because you will be imposing them on him and this generates insecurity in children when making their own decisions; then rather look for strategies to reach agreements with your child.

Assigning chores helps make them independent children

As your little ones grow, it is important to assign tasks to them; this will motivate them, and make them feel safe.

There are very simple tasks that children can perform; such as: putting the dog’s food, taking clothes to the washing machine, picking up their toys, watering the plants, dusting, dressing alone, eating alone, and setting the table, among others. You will define them according to the age of your child, without unnecessarily overloading them, so as not to generate excessive worries in them.

It Is important to motivate them and congratulate them on the work done, it will make them feel like independent children; If you see that they have not done it in the best way, explain to them that it was not well done and show them how it should be; tell him that he is learning and that it is normal that he does not do it right the first time, that it happens to all of us; but that it is a matter of doing it day after day until it turns out well.

Be patient

Undoubtedly a virtue that will always be a great ally in the education of children; When your child does something wrong, don’t yell at him, go to dialogue better, and explain to him how it is the right way. With good words, he will understand and next time he will put everything on his side so that it turns out better.

If you want your child to be independent then Montessori education can be the right selection for you. Contact us now to get your child into Mutendi Montessori.

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